Online Players : 2

/ 1000

Server Time


Cap 110 EU/CH

PVP Server

MAX OPT:+25 advance


Fortress War

Jangan : Nobody 0%

Fortress Registration

All Days/AnyTimes

Fortress Time

Friday,Monday at 8:30/8:30

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[ Notice ]

Hello we are the in (Unlimited-Online) and we are providing a Silkroad private,
server with many features and events. Try it out and feel,
the difference. we are always at the service

[ Information ]

Pvp Server
Coins System
Solo EXP : 300x
Party EXP : 500x
Drop Rate : 3x
Gold Rate : 4x
StartSP : 1M
Start Lv : 110
Races: Chinese and Euro
HolyWaterTemple: Working
Arena: Working
Unique Rank : Working
Academy : Working
Fortress War : Jangan Only
Titan appear everyday at 11:00 PM
Normal uniques appear every 30-45min
New uniques With Special Drops
increased the damage of chinese 20%
Start With Item

[ Rules ]

1-Don't exploit bugs! Should you encounter any bug, report it.
2-Don't advertise for other private servers, websites, items or services.
3-Don't junk e-mail gamers by any means.
4-Don't use any hacks, exploits and then any other type of cheats.
5-Don't waste GM's time.
6-Fake names and theft you will get ban
7-Respect The rules and avoid your account from block
8-Bot Allow But dont ask us if u got hacked
9-Do not use spam bot in towns.
10-Do not advertise bots.
11-No racist globals .
12-do not spam GMs.
13-Keypressers/Autoselect is allowed.